Food Selection & Preparation

Every part of the healing journey and rejuvenation of body and mind relates to the functioning of your hormones and requires consistent periods of change towards a diet nutrient-rich and incorporating - Good food selection - Proper preparation - and a healthy consistent way of transitioning to 'Real Food'.

Some good guidelines go as follows:

Find a way to cook family favourites in a healthy manner.  Increase 'good fats' into your meals - add them to what you already eat (ie. putting some 100% grass-fed organic butter onto your vegetables).

Adding more variety to your dishes once you get used to healthier sourced ingredients.  Gradually increase the percentage of raw foods into your meals (to a minimum of 30% - if tolerated), as we are all bio-individual.  Focus on adding NEW healthy foods first, before taking the unhealthy foods away - variety is the key.

Food Selection Key #1

Incorporate a proper balance of Fats 30%, Proteins 30% and Healthy Carbohydrates 40%, into every meal.  Remember though that we are all individual so some adjustments may be required.

Think variety always, think locally and think seasonally when purchasing food. 

Research your water supply and select the best source you can, including the use of a filtering system. 

AVOID refined and denatured foods such as - Refined and hydrogenated vegetable oils - AVOID those (often GMO) oils on supermarket shelves in clear plastic bottles!

Refined sugar and corn syrup products (often in drinks and sauces).  Canned foods. Pasteurized, homogenized, skim and low-fat milk. Artificial vitamins - there are some very poor products out there.  Toxic additives, added hormones, added antibiotics and colourings. AVOID refined table salt.

Food Preparation Key #2

Plan meals so that 30-50% of the foods are raw (at least 30% if tolerated).

Plan your meals to include some ferments, cultured foods. Lacto fermented (enzyme-enhanced) or cultured/pickled (Kimchi) sides help to aid in digestion.

Soak, sprout, ferment, or naturally leaven all seeds, nuts, and grains - this removes the high levels of 'phytic acid' (in the outer shell of the grain) which combines with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc in the intestines blocking their absorption.  By activating grains we gain better access to the nutrients and digest more efficiently.

Virtually all cultures before the industrial revolution (1800's), soaked or fermented their grains before consumption (ie rice, lentils, corn, teff, sourdough and oatmeal). 

AVOID microwaves and AVOID Teflon & Aluminium cookware.  Microwave exposure significantly reduces the nutritional value of food (Nutritional Therapy Association, 2016).

Support Digestion

Digestion and absorption is key to supporting your body nutritionally from the top to bottom - North to South - the key to proper Digestion.  Ensure when it's time to eat you stop everything and concentrate on the job at hand - Eating! Magnificent Food.

Think about your food and salivate.

Let your Brain take over.  It's always about - good clean food and not restrictive dieting - lots of variety and lots of colour in your Whole-Foods - making the eating experience enjoyable and feeding the gut microbiota.

The Key focus

Is restoration of the digestive system, bowel healing, good fibre and water packed foods of the best quality you can source, balancing your blood sugar levels, supporting a healthy liver to detoxify and not forgetting the 'self-love' - Emotional Wellbeing.

Hormone disruptions can show up in many ways - Again, its important to find the underlying stress and the means by which to alleviate that stress.  We are all unique and no one diet fits all, but believe that it's not difficult to work out what suits you and your individual needs - by listening to your innate body - 'Total Body Awareness'.

Digestive sensitivities (not true allergies) are not generally permanent - eliminate allergens and sensitivities, reduce inflammation, balance gut flora and promote bowel health/restoration - you don't need to follow a complicated program - this system makes it easy for you.

To restore health we need to honour what our body needs and it's often not what we think is 'good for us' - start with real food that's properly prepared - support digestion and fine-tune and support your needs discovered by good sensible investigation and journaling - Avoid dietary restriction!


You are what you absorb - Structure and Biological Function both require nutrients and cofactors - it requires energy from many sources - macro and micro-nutrients.  

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