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Lindsey Dixon, BSc., NTP. RWP.

Lindsey Dixon, BSc., NTP. RWP.


I envision a world with less pain by helping people discover control over their symptoms and relief from autoimmune conditions. 

I see great importance in empowering self and family health through total body awareness, digestive and nutritional education.



When you suffer with pain, inflammation and a medical diagnosis and follow your doctors' advice religiously but with no relief, it is totally frustrating and leads you onto many paths looking for answers.  Many years of searching finally brought me upon the Nutritional Therapy Associations (NTA) Australia/NZ website and I read the course program over and over again thinking how it truly did resonate with everything I believed in.  I enrolled in the September intake of 2017, but upfront I bought all the texts about 3 months in advance and started to read!  By September I began the course and I spent a great deal of time and energy immersing myself into the course and the amazing 'hands on' practical workshops - which I travelled all the way from Broome WA to Melbourne VICTORIA to attend.  I can only say that every part of what I learnt made complete sense and left me feeling excited about future prospects.  I had my Bachelor of Science already behind me and everything on this course I could see was so thoroughly versed, the texts were comprehensive and principles were sound.  My education led me to meet many other amazingly talented practitioners with similar interests to mine, today we keep in touch and have formed a great alliance - we catch up regularly to continue with education and advice for each other.  The education process with NTA is ongoing, there is an expectation to keep well informed as in any health field, to keep certification we need to ensure many hours of ongoing education of a particular nature and quality is undertaken and approved by the Nutritional Therapy Association.



A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) is a paraprofessional certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association Inc. (NTA)  - Trained to evaluate a client's nutritional needs, support normal function, and identify nutritional deficiencies.

We see great importance in empowering self and family health through total body awareness and nutritional education.

nutritional digest, LINDSEY DIXON, NTP. RWP.


"All disease begins in the gut"



Cellular energy (ATP) produced by mitochondria covers over 90 percent of our functions, and impairment of mitochondrial energy is increasingly identified as a root causative factor of chronic disease and aging-related stiffness and delapidated state.

As we recognize the importance of energy - the challenge is that the way in which we digest and produce energy through our food, air, water, electromagnetic radiation, even our relationships and our sense of purpose - is highly individual - 'Bio-Individual'.  For this reason a functional healing protocol must be equally 'Bio-Individualised'.


"Vis medicatrix natural", a.k.a.

"The body heals itself naturally"

Hippocrates (two and a half millennia ago)