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              Nutritional Digest Broome Disclaimer 

Before beginning Nutritional Therapy with your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner ("NTP"), please read and follow this information Carefully and then Sign and Date page 5. “RWP” Restorative Wellness Practitioner - Gastrointestinal Health.

1.     All information provided by Lindsey Dixon NTP. RWP. BSc. sole trader of Nutritional Digest (ABN 31314949143) is intended to be of a general nature only and is included for the sole purpose of encouragement and optimising support and overall health. The Nutritional Therapy Goals are about bringing balance to the five foundations which in turn are built upon a single - solid - base: a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet.

  • Digestion

  • Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Fatty Acid Balance

  • Mineral Balance

  • Hydration

By supporting each of these foundations and helping clients adopt a more nutrient-dense diet, the body's chemistry can be brought back into natural balance, setting the stage for optimal health.

Nutritional Therapy and material, advice and statements provided by Nutritional Digest are not designed, however, to treat any specific disease or medical condition. The NTP is trained to evaluate your nutritional needs and make recommendations of dietary change and nutritional support and or supplementation, not to make medical diagnoses or prescriptions. No comment or recommendation from your NTP should be construed as a medical diagnosis or prescription.

2. Health Concerns -If you suffer from a medical or pathological condition, you need to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider. An NTP is not a substitute for your family physician or other appropriate healthcare provider.

An NTP is not trained nor licensed to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illness, injuries, or diseases or prescribe medications.

3. Your General or Specialist Practitioner (Medical Doctor/Physician) - If you are under the care of another healthcare provider, it is important that you contact your other healthcare providers and alert them to your use of nutritional supplements. Nutritional Therapy may be a beneficial adjunct to more traditional care, and it may also alter your need for medications, so it is important you always keep your physician informed of changes in your nutritional program.

If you are using medication of any kind, you are required to alert the NTP to such use, as well as to discuss any potential interactions between medications and nutritional products with your pharmacist.

If you have any physical or emotional reactions to Nutritional Therapy, discontinue their use immediately, and contact your NTP to ascertain if the reaction is adverse or an indication of the natural course of the body's adjustment to the therapy. As each client is a Bio-Individual (biochemically individual), it is not possible to determine in advance how your body will react to nutrients or supplements you may need. It is sometimes necessary to adjust your program and proceed in a manner to which your body can begin to properly accept targeted nutrients geared to correct imbalances or deficiencies. Please make the following steps it is your responsibility to do your part by:

  • Following the nutrition guidelines provided by your NTP

  • Eating a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet

  • Avoiding harmful foods, substances, and behaviors

  • Moving your body daily

  • Getting plenty of sleep, rest, and relaxation

  • Staying in contact with the NTP so they can stay abreast of your progress and provide the best course of action going forward

Our primary focus is on properly prepared, nutrient-dense whole foods. We do discuss supplements which play a key role in our Functional Clinical Assessment techniques, but it is important to note that the primary goal of supplements in the 'Functional Clinical Assessment' is used to identify deficiencies and imbalances, not to choose supplements for clients.

Once deficiencies and imbalances are identified, Nutritional Therapy Practitioners can then use a variety of tools (e.g. dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations, targeted supplementation, etc.) to strengthen and balance the body’s foundations. The primary focus is about digestive support, properly prepared foods of a nutrient-dense and wholefoods base, blood sugar regulation, removing unhealthy toxic environmental elements, promoting regular and healthy hydration, promoting healthy bowel function, advice on symptom support during the initial 1-2 weeks of digestive and/or healing reactions that may occur and promoting lifestyle and holistic support when needed.

4. Contact by your Medical Provider - If your other healthcare provider has any questions regarding Nutritional Therapy, they are free to contact your NTP.

5. Licensure - Your NTP is certified as a "Nutritional Therapy Practitioner" (NTP) by the Nutritional Therapy Association, Inc. (NTA).

  • A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner does NOT, diagnose or treat disease, but DOES make nutritional recommendations for balancing the body and promoting optimal wellness.

  • NTPs are approved by NTA and expected to maintain certification on an annual basis by way of continued educational and learning practices -The NTA requires students to obtain 24 CEUs every two years. One CEU credit is awarded per one hour.

6.     Nutritional Digest's goal is to encourage people to increase their knowledge and responsibility for their own health and to bring this to a personal optimal level.

7.     By acknowledging this disclaimer, you also undertake to inform Nutritional Digest of any medication that you have been using or have been prescribed to be used or of any medical issues you may suffer from. Nutritional Digest makes every effort to customise individual care. By signing this disclaimer, you understand that each individual’s body may react differently to the individualised programs (if acted upon) and that sometimes adjustments may be necessary - Communication with your NTP is paramount and a requisite - by signing this disclosure you are agreeing to keep your NTP informed.

8.     You agree and undertake to make your own enquiries and investigations in respect of any information provided by Lindsey Dixon of Nutritional Digest that will be provided to you.

9.     If you do elect to rely upon information disclosed to you by Nutritional Digest - Lindsey Dixon NTP. BSc., you officially affirm in this disclaimer that you have or will obtain/ed the advice of a suitably qualified medical practitioner in connection with the effects of implementing any 'course of action' (Course of action - not limited to but including - dietary changes, lifestyle activity changes to exercise strategies, alternative therapies recommended (sauna, massage, chiropractors, psychologists, physiotherapists, reiki, etc.) contained in the information provided by Nutritional Digest - (for this purpose) you will make yourself aware of any potential risks and have chosen to proceed after careful and due consideration and acceptance of all possible risks discussed between yourself and your treating medical physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or other registered/licenced healthcare professional responsible for your care.

10. To reiterate - the information provided by Nutritional Digest should not be treated as substitute to professional medical advice.

11. Importance of Continued Medical Care - Whilst people may experience improved wellbeing as a result of implementing a healthy lifestyle and diet, this will not protect from future illness. The information provided to you is not intended to ensure that no future illness may arise.

Nutritional Digest makes every effort to ensure the quality of the information provided and updates the information regularly. Before relying on the information provided, however, clients should carefully evaluate its accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance for their purposes, and should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances. The Nutritional Digest cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the information given.

12. Client Privacy - During the course of Nutritional Therapy, your NTP will ask that you provide relevant personal details and information relating to your background, health, lifestyle and so forth, (hereafter referred to as "information"), including but not limited to:

  • Your full name, physical and postal address, email address, phone number, date of birth, etc.

  • Your health history, including injuries, surgeries, prescriptions and supplements etc.

This information will be gathered from you via in-person interviews, questionnaires, evaluations, intake documents, phone, email, mail, video conferences, etc., and used to:

  • Help assess your nutritional needs.

  • Make recommendations for dietary changes and nutritional supplements to support your specific nutritional needs and goals.

  • Comply with all legal and NTA training obligations.

13. Accurate Up-To-Date Information and Prescriptions - Please ensure maximum benefits r/t your Nutritional Therapy. It is important that your Information is accurate and up-to-date. If you notice any changes to your health, you begin taking new prescriptions etc., please notify your NTP as soon as possible. It is also your right to access all records at any time - to do so simply notify your NTP in writing. Your NTP will retain your Information only for the length of time that you are a client, after which they will take reasonable steps to dispose of your information in a secure fashion.

NTPs are committed to protecting client privacy and will take reasonable steps to protect your information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure by using strong passwords, up-to-date software on all devices, and locking file cabinets for physical documents. However, even the best security practices cannot guarantee that all stored data will be completely free from third-party interception or corruption. Your consent is required for your NTP to collect, use and disclose your personal Information. By signing this disclaimer you acknowledge consent for your NTP to collect your Information.

14. Nutritional Digest may provide links and access to information that may include the views or recommendations of third parties and does not necessarily reflect the views of Nutritional Digest or indicate a commitment to a particular course of action. Nutritional Digest shall not be liable in connection with such third-party information. You acknowledge that access to information and material provided by Nutritional Digest is undertaken at sole and absolute risk and by accessing this information and material and by choosing to rely upon this information and material, you expressly and irrevocably release Nutritional Digest (Lindsey Dixon, NTP.) from any and all liability which may accrue as a direct or indirect result of your access and any reliance upon any data or information from third parties.

15. Disclaim All Liability 'arising from the provision of information' by Nutritional Digest (Lindsey Dixon, NTP.), whether directly or indirectly and for that purpose, by signing this disclaimer, you hereby release parties aforementioned from any and all fines, penalties, claims, actions, demands, complaints, losses, proceedings or otherwise in relation to the provision of any information - it is the responsibility of signatory of this disclaimer to follow up on all information given with their registered healthcare professional or by way of and thorough personal inquiry.


All Cancellations must be made 24 hours before appointments and direct to 0402494030 or linsdomain@msn.com.


MEDICAL disclaimer:

Any dietary changes should be discussed with a treating medical doctor beforehand.  If you find anything of interest you wish to pursue from my Website - first seek medical advice and take responsibility for your own personal decisions when on medications to ensure your Doctor is a part of your decision making process regarding to your Health is imperative.

The materials on this website is for informational purposes only and not intended as a substitute for the advice and care of your treating Doctor or Specialist.  As with all new dietary programs or lifestyle regimens, you should follow changes only after firsts consulting with your medical doctor to make sure it is appropriate for your individual circumstances.  Keep in mind that nutritional needs vary from person to person, depending on age, sex and health status.  Responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of the information from this Website is expressly disclaimed.