Finally, I think I’m on the right track! I chose to seek nutritional advice from Lindsey at Nutritional Digest, because I have experienced a lifelong problem with weight gain and depression. In addition, being in my late 50’s, I experience arthritic pain and high blood pressure too. Looking after me has not always been a priority and now I’m suffering the consequences for my poor dietary and life choices.
Over the years, I have noted a link between certain foods and the elevation of my mood, clarity of thought, energy level and the ease with which I can lose and maintain weight loss. Therefore, I have learned that good nutrition and gut health are essential to overall wellbeing. However, the science of nutrition is complex and with so much information and advice “out there” I decided to see a Nutritional Therapist.
I was concerned about finding a great service provider who could help me achieve my goals and not cost the earth! Also, would I have the will power to follow the dietary advice given?! At Nutritional Digest, Lindsey has been such a great support and so thorough in her assessment and guidance that I feel at last that I am on the right track. I really appreciate the level of information Lindsey shares during our sessions. Being equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the diet and supplement choices has empowered me to make better informed decisions for myself.
Thank you for your kindness, guidance and support Lindsey.
In health!
— Helen, Perth, WA