Complimentary Discovery Call


An opportunity to ask specific questions.  A get to the heart session to discover whether we have a 'fit' for each other.

  1. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to feel great again?

  2. How committed are you to digging into things, to change your ways, to remove offending foods in order to address our problems?

Please use the 'Discovery Call' button and provide your details and phone number, preferred call-times and day.  I will call you on the number that you provide. 


In-Person Consultations


The Initial 90 Minute consultation factors in all the history taking and investigatory work - Plus a hands-on Functional Evaluation (FE) on the day.  To find out more about the FE please read my 'Work with Me' page.  After the first two consults we generally go to 'maintenance' consultations.



On-Line FREE Call OR Telephone Consultations

20 MINUTES $0• 45 MINUTES $85

With on-line and telephone call consultations, the first two consultations are lengthy due to History taking and discovering needs - once you are on track.  Maintenance calls are charged as below.




5 week program - meet weekly for 1.5hrs

The Restart Program - to be run at least 3 or 4 times per year.


Corporate Wellness or Private Groups





For BOOKINGS or information:

Please book a FREE 'Discovery Call.  You may also book consultations and programs through this link. 


If you, your friends or colleagues are interested in setting up your own personal Group. Please contact me for details and further discounts!